A Polychromatic Dinner in Brooklyn for NWNY

Written by Constanza Prieto

Photo by Constanza Prieto

In the background, nostalgic music played from an old record player as the diners arrived one by one, most of them women of different origins, credentials, and ages. Soon the salon was filled with the rhythm and accents of distant places, while in the kitchen, a series of monochromatic dishes was being prepared. Much like the multicolored dinner soon to be served, the conjunction of each woman and her singularity constituted an incredible kaleidoscope.

I had the honor of participating in this Polychromatic Dinner in support of New Women New Yorkers at the Court Tree Collective in Brooklyn on May 23. This unforgettable evening was such a unique and special experience. The chef, Ankur Parikh, invited us on a gourmet journey composed of six vegan fusion dishes, each inspired by a single color. Throughout the soirée, we saw a beautiful succession of white, green, red, yellow, blue and black, creating a perfect rainbow of colors, flavors, fragrances, textures, and traditions. Some dishes incorporated traditional Indian or Latin American ingredients such as Mole, leche de tigre, black beans, and blue potatoes. Every dish was a creative innovation.

Photo by Constanza Prieto

This reception was not just in support of New Women New Yorkers, but also a celebration of the immigrant heritage of New York City, the United States, and the entire American continent; the dinner itself, being an ode to diversity, did not disappoint.

Photo by Constanza Prieto

Ankur and his parents warmly welcomed all the guests to this wonderful initiative, making us feel at home. The conversation was pleasant and stimulating; we talked about everything, from the human to the divine, and we laughed as we enjoyed the exquisite dinner. We also learned about each other as we listened to the voices of so many women, each with a unique path and story. Some guests described searching for their place in American society, while others wondered how they could contribute to the cause of New Women New Yorkers. We felt important; we shared similar concerns and points of view; we felt like a family.

Photo by Constanza Prieto

The generous table offered by Ankur shows that the empowerment of women begins with recognizing us and fostering understanding spaces that allow us to have conversation, hold hands with each other, and move forward together. Financial resources for an organization are always necessary, but maybe the most important takeaway from this initiative was the importance of creating new meeting places to develop ties between women; this was certainly the true purpose of convoking us around a table where all colors, accents, and cultures were welcomed.  It was a fabulous polychromatic dinner in our polychromatic city in our polychromatic life.

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