Mission statement

New Women New Yorkers is the first nonprofit dedicated to empowering young immigrant women in New York City.

It offers them with a safe space and transformative learning environment, where they can gain self-confidence, job readiness and leadership skills, and build a unique community and network of support.


What makes us unique

  • We serve young immigrant women from all countries of origin and religious affiliations

Nearly half of our participants last year were from Central and South America, almost a third from Asia, and others from a variety of countries in West Africa, the Middle East, Russia and Eastern Europe.

  • We welcome young immigrant women from all educational levels and socio-economic backgrounds

Our participants all struggle securing their first job interviews and first job, while they are adjusting to a new life and foreign culture often with a limited support network. Central to our vision is to empower these young women to support and mentor each other, and take initiative and leadership.


Our impact

Through workforce development training, networking, community building,  and other activities, we empower young immigrant women to secure their first job interviews and first job in NYC, and to attain self-sufficiency and independence.


“The LEAD program was the best thing that happened to me last year (…) I had very low self-esteem since my arrival here and hadn’t looked for a job because of the language barrier, but the encouragement and the knowledge I received during the workshops helped me gain a lot of confidence and the skills that I needed to move forward”

Diaraye works today as a community organizer at one of New Women New Yorkers’ nonprofit partners