Anastasia Soetanto

Digital Marketing Officer

Anastasia was born in Indonesia, and her first hand experience of immigrating and living in the US have instilled in her a passion to help other immigrants facing the same challenges. She further developed her interest and dedication to diversity, immigration rights, and social justice while studying international affairs in college.

Anastasia currently works as a Digital Strategist at a media agency. Her days are spent planning, executing, and optimizing campaigns for a variety of major clients.

Anastasia enjoys planning to jet off abroad, cooking with other people, and long distance running.



Patricia Boes

Communications and Learning & Development Associate

Patricia was born in Australia to two immigrant parents — her father was from The Netherlands and her mother from Indonesia. Growing up in a small Australian town gave Patricia first-hand experience of some of the challenges of being a mixed-race minority with immigrant parents, and it inspired her interest in bridging the gap between different cultures and nationalities and promote equality for all.

Patricia is an experienced learning and development expert and business coach with over 10 years of global experience in the advertising technology industry. She is passionate about empowering individuals or companies with skills for success through executive coaching, innovative problem solving, and multifaceted learning solutions. She holds a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and moved to New York after spending 6 years in Los Angeles.

Her passions include practicing yoga and attempting to master a headstand, traveling to new and interesting places and writing about it, trying out cooking experiments in the kitchen, and indulging in reading a good book with a glass of wine.




Sveta Margolin

Communications Associate

Originally from Russia, Sveta lived in Israel and Hungary before immigrating to the US. She graduated from New York University with a Master of Science in Public Relations and Corporate Communications, and has worked over seven years in the corporate and non-profit sectors including IBM, the United Nations, and Jewish Theological Seminary.

A seasoned communications specialist, Sveta is passionate about social good, international development, and peace building. She believes in the power of communication to drive social progress, and specializes in developing and implementing effective strategies to that purpose.

Sveta loves reading complicated Russian novels, hiking with friends, and discovering new musicians.