Who we serve:

Reflecting the diversity of New York City, our LEAD and LEAD for New Moms series draw participants originally from all corners of the globe, creating a dynamic and unique learning environment.

* based on most recent data (May 2017)

43% of our participants were from South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

32% came from Asia.

19% came from Europe, 3% from the Middle East, and 3% from Africa.  

Average age of participants was 30.

Over 75% of our participants held Bachelor’s degrees or above, almost all acquired in the participants’ home countries, rather than in the United States.

According to recent reports of the Migration Policy Institute (Dec. 2016 and Feb. 2017), immigrant women who have not been educated in the US are severely affected by the problem of “brain waste”, with one in three remaining out of the workforce and many others being underemployed.

94% of our LEAD enrollees were unemployed at the outset of the series.


How our participants benefit from our programs:

Increased job or education readiness and employment

94% of our participants feel better prepared for jobs and/or college after completion of the program.

Increased self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-expectations

94% of our participants feel more confident about their ability to achieve their professional goals.

Enhanced participation and leadership in workforce and community

82% of our participants spend more time contributing to their communities and helping others.

Community building & enhanced intercultural dialogue

Our participants develop better awareness and understanding of other cultures, and say they have important needs met because they’re part of the LEAD community.

Improved English communication skills

97% of our participants feel more confident in their ability to communicate in English.