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  • LEAD Program

LEAD is a unique professional development program combining skills training, teamwork, and leadership development. It is open to young women immigrants between the ages of 16 and 35, and participation is completely free.

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  • Meetups

At the core of our mission is to build a strong community of young women immigrants in New York City, a safe space where they feel free to speak up and where they can support each other. Meetups are held every three months to provide additional learning and networking opportunities to our LEAD graduates and current participants to the program, as well as other young women immigrants interested in joining our community.

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  • Blog 

Our blog provides a platform for young women immigrants in New York City to tell their stories and express their voice. Goals are to inform and raise public awareness and promote a more positive discourse about immigrants in general, and women immigrants in particular. Posts include interviews of women immigrants, special features about NY’s immigrant neighborhoods, communities, and festivals, a monthly immigration roundup, and more.

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In the planning

  • LEAD for New Mums program: A specialized track of the LEAD Program for immigrant mothers with young children