New Women New Yorkers is led by Arielle Kandel, founder and Chief Executive Officer, its Board of Directors, and Executive Team.

Key programs and activities of the organization are facilitated by volunteers, who are an integral part of New Women New Yorkers’ cross-community vision and of its career mentoring and transformational leadership model. The majority are women, and 1st generation immigrants themselves; they come from a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds. As of Summer 2017, New Women New Yorkers has a team of over 30 regular volunteers.

The diversity within our team is reflective of the individuals we serve, who have the shared experience of being young immigrant women in New York City, while coming from a variety of countries of origin and educational backgrounds.

One of our recent initiatives, the Community Ambassadors Group, also provides graduates of our LEAD program with the opportunity to stay involved in the organization through volunteering and direct participation in the development of NWNY’s future programs to support their peers and communities.


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