Over 50 percent of New York City’s immigrants are women. Despite the vulnerabilities and barriers they face, young women immigrants are making important contributions to New York City’s society and economy every day.

New Women New Yorkers (NWNY) is a cross-community organization dedicated to empowering young women immigrants, particularly low-income women and single mothers, living in New York City.

It is committed to providing programs and services catering to their needs, and to helping them claim their rights, pursue better opportunities, and become agents of social and political change in and for their communities.


Our vision

♦ Cross-community organization

♦ Target audience: young women immigrants in the 16-35 age range

♦ Transformative leadership

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What we do

♦ Self-expression

♦ Education & Leadership Development

♦ Entrepreneurship

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Our founder

Arielle Kandel

Arielle Kandel