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LEAD is a free professional development program for young women immigrants (ages 16-35 years old) that combines skills training, teamwork, and leadership development. Through a series of workshops, you will improve your computer and technology skills, learn how to write a great resume and LinkedIn profile, gain self-confidence and practice your interview and English communication skills, teamwork, public speaking, and more.

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New Women New Yorkers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization empowering young women immigrants in New York City.

Through our programs we provide them with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to recognize and develop their potential, pursue better educational and professional opportunities, and become role-models and agents of change in and for their communities.


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Creating a safe space and support network for young women immigrants is an additional objective. With our blog we offer them with a platform to tell their stories and express their voice – an empowering experience for many, who remain silenced in their communities.

We follow a very collaborative approach, engaging and forging partnerships with existing organizations and key stakeholders in the community to run our programs and fill in the gaps.