A look at NWNY’s 2016 Winter Bash

Written by Anna Archibald


15403653_1179452912137520_3998865030061760864_oThree LEAD graduates enjoying the 2016 Winter Bash with another guest.

On December 10, New Women New Yorkers hosted more than 100 guests at its second annual Winter Bash at the Starr Bar in Bushwick. The event not only celebrated an incredibly successful year for NWNY — the organization’s second year serving young immigrant women in NYC — but all the proceeds from the event went directly to the organization’s newest initiative, LEAD for New Moms.

The new program offers young immigrant mothers an opportunity to dedicate time to professional development and job searching by providing free childcare during the LEAD workshops and upon graduation from the program, so that they can go to job interviews and important appointments.

“It is hard for any mother in the US to pursue her professional development and career at the same time as she cares for her children — even when her husband is fully committed to playing his role as a father,” said Kandel, who also recently gave birth to her first child. “For immigrant mothers, the challenge is even bigger. We don’t have family to help out when we need to go to a meeting for work, or when our child is sick and can’t go to daycare. And childcare options are inaccessible for many immigrant mothers in any case.”

NWNY founder and director Arielle Kandel speaks with guests at the 2016 Winter Bash.

NWNY founder and director Arielle Kandel speaks with guests at the 2016 Winter Bash.

LEAD for New Moms is a continuation of the LEAD program, a professional development program that NWNY has been offering for the past two years.

“Six months after [I came to New York City], I established New Women New Yorkers,” said Kandel. “There was an important need for an organization to serve young immigrant women. To help them in particular get their first job interviews, and integrate into the workforce. To build a space where we gain the confidence to speak up.  Where we can become role models and agents of change for our communities.”

So far, nearly 100 young immigrant women have participated in the program, many of whom have had their first job interviews, secured their first jobs, or entered college since they completed the program. Now, NWNY founder and director Arielle Kandel is happy to extend those opportunities to young mothers.

LEAD graduates and members of the NWNY Community Ambassador's Group Olya Grynko and Ana Luiza Mano call out winners for the New York immigration trivia.

LEAD graduates and members of the NWNY Community Ambassador’s Group Olya Grynko and Ana Luiza Mano call out winners for the Melting Block trivia.

The pilot program of LEAD for New Moms launched on Staten Island just two weeks ago with 5 participants. In 2017, NWNY plans to run three additional series with larger groups in various NYC boroughs. To help facilitate the initiative, NWNY had partnered with the YMCA of New York and Project Playdate.

Partners for the Winter Bash included Romper, a parenting site for millennial women, Queen of Falafel from the House of Yes, and Sahadi’s. DJ Daniel Tipton also provided the soundtrack for the evening’s festivities that included a silent auction with works from artists Cindy Trinh, Alyssa Monks,  and Helga Traxler, stunning photographs and digital prints by artists Dru Blumensheid and May Lin Le Goff, and a handful of items donated by various companies. Check out even more photos from the event on the NWNY Facebook page.


If you’re interested in donating to LEAD for New Moms, check out New Women New Yorkers’ fundraising page before December 31, and keep up to date with what’s going on in the organization by signing up for emails here.


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