Workforce development

LEAD is a free program for young immigrant women that combines job readiness training, teamwork, and leadership development. Key goals are to support and prepare our participants for entry or reintegration into the workforce in NYC. We empower them to negotiate the transition to paying and fulfiling jobs, attain self-sufficiency, and achieve independence.

Since the launch of LEAD in 2015, we’ve run 12 series of the program for 130 young immigrant women, of which 88 graduated. The New York Public Library hosts LEAD series twice a year at the Mid-Manhattan and Chatham Square branches.

In December 2016 New Women New Yorkers launched LEAD for New Moms, a new version of LEAD specifically for young immigrant mothers, offering workforce development alongside free childcare sponsored by Project Playdate. Our first program was hosted by the YMCA on Staten Island.


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Networking & community building

Building connections and a support system are key to successful entry in the NYC workforce, and help the young immigrant women we serve adjust more easily to a new life and culture. At the core of our mission is to build a strong community of young immigrant women in NYC, a safe space where we feel free to speak up and support each other, and where we have access to job readiness training and opportunities to grow our professional network.

We hold regular roundtable discussions, mock interview sessions, Meetups, and field visits for our LEAD graduates and participants, as well as other young immigrant women interested in joining our community.


Come to our Summer Outdoor Meetup on August 31!



Storytelling & social change 

Our blog provides a platform for young immigrant women to tell their stories and express their voice. All our bloggers are women and 1st generation immigrants. Through weekly posts, they have the opportunity to share issues that reflect their personal story and experiences, and the stories of other immigrant women and communities.

This Spring we held our first storytelling program for 11 of our LEAD graduates with The Moth, culminating in three storytelling performances during the summer – read about Storytelling on the roof.


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